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This is to announce that I will extend renewal of Naiad Theme on Tunecore for another year. It is the last time I’m going to be able to cover the really affordable tunecore flat service fee for distribution of a digital track from previous sales thereof (9.90 per track/per year). In other words: I never made any money with my compositions, not even enough to afford myself a ticket to the movies, a dinner, putting gas in the car or covering a telephone/internet bill. So, if this is to be a labor of love, I’m going to treat it accordingly, i.e. go about it whenever I feel like it and give it away for free in the future and via my digital outlets (see 1_other wesbound sites in the blogroll at the lower right). Right now, I don’t feel very motivated though to continue the massive effort of composing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, releasing and promoting music. It seems very inefficient a process and many parts of it feel like a giant pain in the ass to me. I haven’t been able to turn that perception around in some four years.

ICOU Dance Remix is likely to face the same fate as Naiad Theme and then eventually my other two releases, I Count on U and my last release, MC# (pronounce ’em see sharp’). I really enjoyed being able to compose and record completely autonomously and from the convenience of my home – it’s something I’ve been dreaming of in my teenage years and beyond. So … I made that dream come true and I received very positive feedback and support from fans and radio presenters as well as very kind reviews from some press folks and fellow musicians.

My idea of reconnecting myself with the excitement and exhiliration I felt in my teens and twens when spending my time with music in any way didn’t exactly yield the results I had hoped for. I always hear that things take time. That may be true. But they also take money in this material world in order to fully manifest. And since I find myself impoverished from previous life events and their outcomes, I can’t throw money at professional promoters or booking agents in order to make the next step – which would be to appear in front of real audiences instead of only online. Modest CD sales at concerts (wesbound had a CD? No, never got around to finishing it), merchandise, focused and targeted promotion, the whole nine of placing a “product” aren’t within reach in any foreseeable future.

One should never say never. I understand that. But for the time being, the passion I once felt has dried up on me. Maybe this band that I recently joined will help me rekindle it (it’s actually the kind of band I’ve always been hoping to find and be a member of and the music is funky Jazz and fusion, both cover material as well as original). But frankly – there is a reason why I burnt out from my previous ‘career’ in 2007 and right now my focus has to be on the healing aspects of life, making peace with the past and myself and learning to ENJOY almost from scratch and taking one step at a time (sounds like I was in the SA – Suicidals Anonymous – program, but luckily that part is behind me, I think). I have been issueing these daunting messages previously, I’m fully aware of it. I can’t blame anyone for growing tired of these. If that is your response, then you have a pretty good idea of where I’m at myself.

Anyway. Expect some of my music to become available via a Creative Common License in the not too distant future. And who knows – maybe I’m due to explore other avenues in life. Whatever life I had previously has thoroughly fallen apart anyway 🙂

wesbound, April 2012

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