The Power of the Web – 2012 here we come!

I admit to being emotionally… shall we say “on the edge”(?) a lot, yes. But this post is only remotely about that. It’s more about – YOU! Yes you, reading this 🙂 How so? Well… because you follow. You check in on what’s good in wesbound’s world – or what’s not so good sometimes. And then many of you place an uplifting comment or Christmas greetings, often accompanied by a beautiful picture, a story of their own, a little poem sometimes. And I get to see things differently again, but more importantly: You tell me that you’re there and that you care! That is amazing! It’s the best thing that can come from this interconnected world we live in, if you asked me! It’s actually really awesome and before we say farewell to 2011, I meant to tell you all that I’m really really grateful for all the support I’ve been seeing in those past four years! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And although these are not easy times we live in and although we may face one or the other even greater challenge than we saw in 2011, I think with this power of reaching out to practically everybody with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection, the world has become a place that is very different from any other time in the previous history of mankind! Not only do we get to share our lives with loved ones and friends, we can also take action! People have realized that with this level of networking, they can make things happen – and quickly so!

My hope and wish for 2012 is that the changes we need to go through will remain as peaceful and non-violent as possible. I’m concerned about some footage we get exposed to from around the world, with people giving their lives to the good cause in many places. I can only hope that those in power will realize that no degree of bloodshed is going to keep bad ideas in place. History shows us that any cause for more humanity always prevailed – at horrific expense sometimes, but it prevailed. I strongly wish for those in power to be able to do the math. And that math goes: 99% is a far larger number than 1%.

To 2012, to the power of the web, to being and staying connected and – united. Happy New Year and Thank you!

wesbound, December 2011

occupy la


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