Performing in my Neighborhood

I’m looking forward to Erik’s traditional early x-mas session, this time at Plonner’s/Remise in my village Oberpfaffenhofen. I’ll be joined by singer Janina Reigber for some Adele-covers. Since I pulled the plug on my own original music in the Smooth/Contemporary Jazz genre – at least for now and probably for an extended period of time – I am looking forward to actually playing music with real people and in front of real people again! While I don’t intend to discredit my wonderful online friends and fans, who have been great supporters throughout, I noticed that – despite the unexpected attention I received by music lovers, radio presenters and fellow artists alike – something was missing. And I now think what was or is missing is the human element: The wonderful magic that comes about when playing with musicians and in front of people. I have been missing that for some 25 years now – and badly so! At the same time, I now need this experience to be of a somewhat personal nature, something that involves and touches upon me as a person, as well. The days of performing whatever the audience’s requests are over for good! I don’t think I ever want to play only for making money off of it, no Ma’am! So…. this is sort of like going back to where it all started: In small, local venues, with familiar faces on and off stage and a very “homey” feel to the entire experience. And I think, I’m going to like this again and that this is as it should be.

Merry Holiday Season, everybody!

wesbound, December 2011


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