Covering a famous song?

Upon familiarizing myself with the services of RightsFlow and Limelight in particular pertaining to licensing 3rd party material, I found that it’s not an utterly costly endeavour at all. I am not sure, whether or when I’m actually going to do that, i.e. come up with a cover of someone else’s music. In fact, I had meant to move away from that by writing and recording my own original compositions. More so, as my musical education largely depended on covering other artists’ music. However, the aspect of recognition can’t be estimated highly enough. So I was wondering, what song you’d like for me to cover – if… I chose to do that at some point. (And that would be well into 2012… if at all, I can’t stress this enough :)). Drop me a line, let me know, which song and artist you think would suit me fine.


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