Why WordPress Rocks!

When I started this blog in December 2008, I was looking for a blogging service that would offer me

Oh, and not to forget: I needed it to be as inexpensive as possible or for free. Almost exactly three years later I am happy to find that I couldn’t have possibly made a better choice! Not only does WordPress including its free hosting service fit the bill in all those regards – I feel validated in my choice by seeing A-list bloggers and even companies using WordPress more and more as an affordable, highly customizable content management system with a steep (as in: Little to zero effort, maximum results) learning curve, yielding almost instant reward! I feel even more comfortable with my choice now, as the majority of “my” community of (Jazz) music lovers and musicians seem to have taken the same route: Blogging from WordPress.com and using their blog as their WWW-“hub” or nucleus to link to their other virtual outlets.

Reoccurring considerations of migrating my blog(s) to a self-hosted server or service were almost always beat by wordpress.com adding new features, themes, brushing up the interface and many more, thus my weighing the pros and cons to this day resulting in staying put on wordpress.com. I’d like to congratulate Matt Mullenweg and his team for their vision and accuracy in creating this outstanding – and IMO unparalleled/unmatched – blogging solute!

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