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Reverbnation subscription dialog

Dear friends and fans,

as Facebook will discontinue to support the ‘update fans’ feature via Facebook messages as of September 30th, I’d kindly ask you to subscribe to my mailing list on, if you haven’t already. The idea is to keep you posted via email with the only difference that those emails will be sent via Reverbnation instead of Facebook. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but other than on my (page) wall, I have no means of being in touch with you for important updates after September 30th 2011.

Here’s what you do:



  1. Find my profile on Reverbnation:
  2. Find the blue ‘Join Using Facebook’ button in the upper area, if you are NOT registered on Reverbnation.
    If you have entered a valid email address in your personal Facebook profile, this will get added to the mailing list when you press the blue ‘Join Using Facebook’ button.
  3. OR:

  4. Enter your regular email address in the field right below the blue button. Optionally and if so inclined, click the ‘Join Street Team’. The latter means that you’re willing to help promote certain events, if I ask you to (which I rarely ever will and haven’t done at all yet). Instead of pressing the blue Facebook button, find the ‘submit’ link and press it. Your manually entered email address will be added to the mailing list.

If you’re already a Reverbnation user or artist, find my RN profile

  1. Press the ‘Become a Fan’ button.
  2. In the lower section, enter your login info as requested and press ‘Sign In’.
  3. On the next screen, make sure that the ‘Join Mailing list’ checkbox is checked. Press ‘Next’ right after.

All done. Oh – and as a registered member of the mailing list, you are entitled to some exclusive downloads – for free! 🙂 And from now on, every time I have something to announce you will receive a neatly formatted HTML mail (or text, if you opted out of HTML).

Thanks for your continued support, I appreciate it!


September 2011

via Stay updated on this Page!.

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