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Dear friends and fans,

as Facebook will discontinue to support the ‘update fans’ feature via Facebook messages as of September 30th, I’d kindly ask you to subscribe to my mailing list on, if you haven’t already. The idea is to keep you posted via email with the only difference that those emails will be sent via Reverbnation instead of Facebook. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but other than on my (page) wall, I have no means of being in touch with you for important updates after September 30th 2011.

Here’s what you do:



  1. Find my profile on Reverbnation:
  2. Find the blue ‘Join Using Facebook’ button in the upper area, if you are NOT registered on Reverbnation.
    If you have entered a valid email address in your personal Facebook profile, this will get added to the mailing list when you press the blue ‘Join Using Facebook’ button.
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  4. Enter your regular email address in the field right below the blue button. Optionally and if so inclined, click the ‘Join Street Team’. The latter means that you’re willing to help promote certain events, if I ask you to (which I rarely ever will and haven’t done at all yet). Instead of pressing the blue Facebook button, find the ‘submit’ link and press it. Your manually entered email address will be added to the mailing list.

If you’re already a Reverbnation user or artist, find my RN profile

  1. Press the ‘Become a Fan’ button.
  2. In the lower section, enter your login info as requested and press ‘Sign In’.
  3. On the next screen, make sure that the ‘Join Mailing list’ checkbox is checked. Press ‘Next’ right after.

All done. Oh – and as a registered member of the mailing list, you are entitled to some exclusive downloads – for free! 🙂 And from now on, every time I have something to announce you will receive a neatly formatted HTML mail (or text, if you opted out of HTML).

Thanks for your continued support, I appreciate it!


September 2011

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I’m testing convergent media consumption: Basically, the computer and larger of two screens plus the desktop speakers become sort of a multimedia entertainment corner with the comfty chair in front of them instead of the regular office chair. LOL. Now I got to think about how to add a little desk or where I can place food, snacks, drinks. #nerd mode 😉

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Do The Math!

Broken Piggy BankWell… I better had not…. Here’s why: Following a conversation with other independent artists, we concluded that most people are under the assumption that exposure is everything for an independent artist. By exposure I mean getting one’s music out there and listened to by people. While exposure is indeed important – but not everything, either…, I’ll get to that in a minute -, some listeners will conclude that if THEY listen to an artist’s music – that will be exposure, too, right? Well… I don’t know. Isn’t that like downloading music illegally and then claiming that an artist should be happy ANYone was listening? Hm. I don’t mean to be overbearing, but if I didn’t come from a place of thinking that my music was worth being listened to – why would I want to put it out there in the first place…, right?

Ok, so we agreed that somehow it’s in people’s heads that if you’re an indie, they are entitled to have your music for free and that they’re doing you a favor by listening to you. Hm. If you have to BRING yourself to listening to my music – or anyone’s for that matter – … why would you express an interest in it in the first place? Because you enjoyed torturing yourself by listening to something you don’t like? By wasting your time doing so? Speaking of time – and here’s what I calculated: Let’s assume that on a professional level, you’re working on your skills and music every day. And let’s say that like any working individual, somehow you should spend more or less 8 hours per day on your music, e.g. by writing it, recording, practicing stuff that needs practicing etc. And let’s say that you will work eight hours a day, five days a week and 50 weeks out of the year. That’ll give you 2,000 hours of productive time per year. (For simplification, we will disregard coffee or cigarette breaks, trips to the bathroom, that chat at the vending machine etc. etc.). In three years, you will have accumulated 6,000 hours of supposed productive time. Well… I have four songs out for sale so far. I released my first track in 2009, followed by three more so far. (Yeah, yeah… I know – it shouldn’t have taken me that long…).

Between January 2009, the time of my first release, and today there has been a sum total of 94 purchased downloads via iTunes, Amazon and a host of more online stores…. ninety-four. Again, for reasons of simplification, if I assume a dollar per download – it is far less than that, but let’s forget about that for now… – I’d arrive at 94 dollars in revenue. Now if I hold those 6,000 hours against that… I arrive at an hourly ‘wage’ of … – you seated? – 0,016 Cents – in theory, mind you. In reality, I have to deduct the upload fee of 9.90 per song – which makes it 39,60$ for four songs, I will have to deduct the commisson that online stores keep (that will be too complicated to take into account here), I’d have to consider electricity being used for recording the music, ‘raw materials’ like the strings on my guitars… in other words… those 94 dollars in THREE YEARS… will have crumbled to nil in next to no time…

I appreciate the fact that my music was received with great appreciation – I LOVE that! I love to see my name on playlists that sport all the big names in music, I’ve been admiring for as long as I can think. Like you, the listener and reader of this – I love music. Now… as soon as someone PAID me according to my level of LOVE for ANY music… I will be able to afford NOT having to even THINK about money or making a living of any kind (and I’d highly prefer that option ;)). And if you know of someone like this… could I kindly ask you to get them to listen to my songs? 😉

September 2011

P.S.: I consider this experiment of becoming an autonomous artist failed. The parameters in place or too adverse to overcome by myself alone. I’d need to live in a different place and probably a different time in order to be more successful with this.
P.P.S.: If you wanted to try this at home… factor in the amount of hours it took to arrive at a level that enables any artist to write, record or perform music LOL

Pulling the Plug

I’ve signed on to Facebook about 3 years ago. I did not have too big an idea as to what it was – and specifically, if it was good for anything. Coz that’s how I usually roll: I wanna see things happen. And I make them happen, if I must. With the music, though – you can’t go about things with this approach. Because most of the vital aspects about whether things happen for you or not – are not in your hands. They are in YOUR hands. The listener. The fan, the friend. And collaborators. In one word: Supporters.

I have met some incredible people on Facebook. I had and have major support from my friends and fans as well as from radio hosts. I’ve also had my share of those prying on me and draining me from the get-go. In hindsight – that part was my own fault. But I’m digressing. Back on the subject: With my very first self-produced release ever – something I had been dreaming of since age 17 or so-, I got internet airplay from a growing number of stations. I was being interviewed multiple times. The number of Facebook friends grew from one week to another, some times by the hundreds. I was like: “What the f… is happening?” I really couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Now, in hindsight and in analyzing it, I think, what has happened were two or three things: After having collaborated on Dreams in Color with Brian O’Neal, he gave me lots of credit for my little acoustic guitar track I’ve added to his composition. That attracted some of his following to my wall. Technically, I didn’t really have a finished release out at that point, but some material to listen to. And the fast paced dynamics of nowadays’ ‘word of mouth’ or ‘going viral’ – to some extent – seem to have kicked in. Which motivated me to release more tracks. And somewhere along the way, the interest ebbed away to an extent. I did my best in staying active on the social media sites, which are available for musicians, but not to too much avail. As far as downloads are concerned… I barely sold enough to budget the upload fee that Tunecore are collecting per song. To this day, the sum total of downloads between January 2009 (when I released my first track via iTunes, Amazon etc.) and today, maxes out at 94. No. This is no typo on my part, there isn’t a zero missing or anything of that nature. On my part… I may have been too inconsistent in promoting myself. And I wasn’t able to complete a full length album in a reasonable amount of time nor do I have an option of getting booked for tours abroad (and without an album, these don’t make much sense, either, do they?). There are very profound reasons for all of the latter, having to do with me having been largely dysfunctional since July 2007, but frankly speaking: Who cares?

Considering the insane amount of time I’ve been spending on Facebook and elsewhere – sometimes up to 12 hours per day – and going at quite some lengths in building ‘real’ relationships… this is not a very encouraging result. Plus – it’s not fun to do. Not at all. Actually, I’m missing out on most of the fun stuff from trying so hard to get somewhere.

So I’m pulling the plug for now. Well – not completely, at least not just yet. I’ll explore, what I can do locally. Reconnect with musicians, whom I can actually go and meet in person or gig with… Opening up to other genres of music as well, again, because I had to find that the large majority of music listeners – and even musicians – around here don’t really know, what Smooth or Contemporary Jazz was to begin with – let alone care much for it or play it. Most of all I feel a need to weed out ambition and – replace it for fun. Fun and not much else for a long time (even money CAN’T be too big a concern right now, as I wouldn’t get to keep it anyway). Don’t expect me to release any new music any time soon. That album I’ve always meant to complete – might not happen at all. And while I’m typing this and before you go “whimp” on me: I’m doing all this and have been doing it from a place of needing to battle quite a number of debilitating conditions, where I’ve been shackled with some of them for my entire life. I’m really proud of myself for not having gone postal on someone, for not having lost it completely, for having managed not to give up on myself and in between all the insanity that my ‘life’ has spiraled down into – managed to write a few tracks some people like. I’ve proven a point to myself and the world – to use a big word – again and I’m telling myself that this is better than good enough considering the circumstances (which are nothing shy of grim at this time).

I have no idea, what the future might bring – or if can bring anything beyond little more than – hopefully convenient – survival, at all. And… I will no longer care too much for that, either. Here’s to giving myself a break from it all.

wesbound, September 2011