Drastic Measure

use_FB_as_pageNot too long ago, Facebook introduced a feature called ‘Use Facebook as Page‘. That means, if you run a business page on Facebook – and an artist’s fan page is technically a business page (although I didn’t see substantial business coming from it…;) )-, you now get to have your comments appear in the name of that page you run and administrate. The downside to this: You don’t get to access your Facebook message inbox any longer and you no longer access the bulk of your friends’ walls, photos etc. Basically, when you’re navigating Facebook as that page admin, you appear estranged to your friends. Of course, you can always switch back to your regular Facebook account.

I have decided I’m going to ‘disappear’ as a regular user and see, how that works for me. Why, you might ask. The bottomline is: Facebook is a terrible time hog. It’s addictive and not in a good way. (I can’t begin to wrap my mind around the economic damage this must cause the US economy – or any economy of those countries, which Facebook is rolled out to). But that would still be o.k. The one thing I simply can’t keep up with any more is the amount of personal communication I got into with this thing. I noticed this effect from pretty early on. But back then, I was a) under the assumption, it had to be that way and b) I had less friends on Facebook. Over time, that number grew from around 200 to currently some 1,200. While I’m only in regular contact with a few of them, it is still an incredible amount of time that goes into keeping those connections intact. And now – I fold! It’s gone from pleasure to pressure – and the latter I’m not particularly good in dealing with.

So… in order to save myself from being completely sucked into a parallel reality… I am going to reduce my activities on Facebook to the above mode – at least for a while and in order to see, whether that works better for me. I understand and expect some of you to take it personal and get miffed. While I can understand it, I still have to do what I have to do. I’ve been on Facebook for about three years now. I’ve been spending countless hours in front of the machine – more than what can be healthy for anyone.

Thank you all for being along for the ride. Hope, you’re not going to drop out in quantities over my attempts of finding a better way to interact with this monster called Facebook… 😦


  1. Dear Wes/Werner,
    I agree wholeheartedly with every word of yours – been there, i.e. am still there considering whether or not ‘to fold’. All the best to you and kindest greetings <3:-)


  2. Thanks for being understanding, Kirsten. That’s about the ideal response to my being overwhelmed with pressure not only from Facebook, but from almost everywhere. It’s become an insanely difficult situation, contrary to what the perception might be given the response to my music.


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