MC# featured via Marissa’s Segment on the Digital Guy Radio Show!

I’m still in disbelief and near shock: Marissa Caliguire featured my track MC# in her segment on Bruce Nazarian “The Digital Guy” Radio Show! Seriously???!!! I kept shaking my head for about 3 mins. and 30 seconds… Really? Not only did she feature the track, but narrate my bio and musical journey so far. Wow…so THIS is what it feels like, when dreams come true!!!

Thanks be to Marissa aka Radio Gurl and Bruce Nazarian, aka The Digital Guy aka Radio Boss aka Lemonator! Wow – this is a very special moment for me, guys! For those of you, who weren’t able to tune in last night, you get to listen to the entire show and download the podcast here. I’ve taken the liberty of editing the podcast and extracted Marissa’s segment for those of you, who want to get right at that part of the show. Find it below. Simply press the play button to listen! But I do encourage you to go Bruce’s site and savour the entire show and maybe even past shows – you’re in for a treat!

The Digital Guy Radio ShowMyCNotes


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