MC# premiers on Bruce Nazarian “The Digital Guy” Radio Show, 03/21!

For a little bit more than a year I’ve been a regular listener of Bruce Nazarian’s “The Digital Guy” Radio Show on Solar Radio. Eversince the show’s debut on February 1st 2010 it was my goal to get airplay there once as I consider it a benchmark for musical quality. It was my first favorite web radio station after discovering the Contemporary Jazz world for myself. So without further ado, I’m extremely proud to announce that my track MC#, which I had substantial help with through the experienced ears and hands of the Digital Guy himself, is going to be on the show tomorrow afternoon (midnight in the UK and 1 am in Germany, where I’m located).

In addition to these personally significant news, please also notice that TDG is now being transmitted via live video as well. Every now and then, Bruce welcomes Contemporary Jazz artists on the show for some live interaction and interviews. In addition to that, regular listeners have been interacting via Facebook page (see link above) and now also get to chat in realtime in the chat room adjacent to the video feed.

I am excited to have managed taking another step in my musical endeavours. Please share this with everyone, who is a fan of great music, old, new and anywhere in between 🙂

See you on the internet! Just click the link in the text and then ‘like’ – and you’re a new member of the listening family!

wesbound, March 20th 2011

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