wesbound Japan Desaster Relief Initiative

Japan Desaster Relief
OK. I want to help. For reasons that need not concern anyone, I have only a few bucks to donate directly – which I did. Other than that – what help I can give has to happen via my gift of writing and recording music. I consider it a gift and as such – a service first. So… as I want to help the people of Japan, who have to endure mind-boggling tragedy at present, let’s keep this simple (as simple as possible):

– Find me at Reverbnation.
– Join the mailing list (I take it, if you’re going to be a part of this, we have something in common. Here’s to hoping it might be a similar taste in music next to a need to help in the face of desaster)
– You are now a fan of mine. As such, you get to download ALL MY SO FAR RELEASED song files for FREE! Downside: There is only four of them (doh! Sorry, I’m a slow worker now, I am hoping to improve that shortly. And: Astute readers will notice, there is one more file – which I’ll re-release in the near future – and you’ll get to have that as a FREE download as well – regardless of the situation in Japan).
– I take it on FAITH – a.k.a. I take YOUR WORD for it! – that you have placed a donation with one of the desaster relief organiziations helping Japan. (see an exemplary list below). If you haven’t – I take your word, you are going to do so at your earliest possible opportunity. That goes for existing fans of mine as well (a combined number of around 130 on Reverbnation and Myspace, who signed up, next to some 520 more on Facebook).
– Was I crazy to give away music for free? I would like to believe that no. You can always cheat? Yes, you can. And then it is only you that has to keep living with yourself. In my experience: Karma finds us. Sooner or later. But it does. 😉

Here’s some organizations that sound credible in helping Japan in this current crisis of Biblical proportions:
Better Place (it can ONLY get better IMHO…)
Ärzte Ohne Grenzen. Please note: They currently DO NOT accept direct donations on behalf of Japan. However…. eversince I’ve subscribed to their newsletter a few years back, I could witness how they always help those that need it the most! Even when other charity organizations have pulled the plug. Eventually, they WILL be equipped to take direct donations. The money you donate now, will not be wasted!

I would like to encourage you to spread this note! Was I opening a door for illegal downloads? Yes. But again: Karma will find those, who abuse this. And: This initiative will run until the end of the month of March! I am going to remove the full length files for download after March 31st!. Again: I meant to keep helping as simple as possible. It’s about HELPING and being the better man first (and again: I take the side effect of adding more fans to my mailing list as a sign of you and I having something in common that goes beyond the music). And I’ll be damned, if anyone tried to talk me out of believing in the GOOD of people!
P.S. My American friends taught me how to make lemonade from lemons. Let’s now make riceballs from … thin air.

wesbound, March 2011


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