MC# hits the airwaves!

Dear friend,

MC# on iTunes
I’m pleased to report that MC# is rapidly making its way onto the airwaves since it’s launch a couple of days ago. I have it on good authority that David Gonzalez of Smooth Wave Jazz is going to consider adding MC# to their rotation of Smooth Jazz, Mary Ann Wexler of US New Jazz added the song to their playlist, Colleen Spencer and Reggie Mitchell of Smooth Grooves Phoenix requested the track for potential programming and it’s going to air on Saturday, March 26th at 8 pm MST, Wes George of Jazznet247 announced to get MC# into his March playlist and also added me to their family of friends directory – where I’m in company I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of being! Then there’s Bobby D of FunkyJazz TV, who requested the track and announced getting it into his Sunday, March 13th mix and live show. Also Mike Scott asked me to send the file. Last, but definitely not least, there is MJ Vegas of The Coast Online Radio, who also features one of my previous tracks, the Naiad Theme with video, Gary Fuston of GHP Radio and Ted Hasiuk of Café Jazz.

On a special note, I would like to point out that none of this would have been possible without the initiative, vision and enthusiasm of Marissa “Radio Gurl” Calliguire and most noteably creative and technical guidance as well as factual help from Bruce “Radio Boss” Nazarian, a.k.a. The Digital Guy of the eponymous radio show format he founded in February 2009.

I’d like to do a BIG shoutout to above noted mentors as well as friends and fans, who have been cheering me on for more than two years now. It’s quite the trip! Thanks guys! YOU – make this happen!

wesbound, March 11th, 2011

Update: This just in: Bruce Nazarian a.k.a. The Digital Guy, who greatly helped shaping the song and taking it to a new level for me, is going to air MC# on Monday, March 21st on the Digital Guy Show, 4 pm PST, 12 am in the UK! Please join the fan page (by clicking the link ‘Digital Guy’) and become a part of the TDG family! Also, in order to keep the music alive, please consider purchasing the Digital Guy’s Outstanding Tracks of 2010 CD to keep school music programs alive!


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