New tune: “MC#”, speak: em-cee sharp

mc_sharpI have completed another tune. It’s called MC# (speak: em-cee sharp) and made of Marissa Caliguire’s initials combined with a pun on the musical key C# (C sharp). Marissa recently relaunched her website and asked me, whether I could contribute an exclusive song for this endevour. Why – of course! So I started to write the main theme right away, which kind of ‘happened’ on me – maybe one of those lucky moments, where the muse comes sitting on your shoulder and whispers music in your ears :). Well… after that, there was a lot of tedious, nitty-gritty work involved, of course. The writing of a song (main theme, lyrics) is one thing. Getting it recorded and produced – can be a painfully long and tedious process, at least with me here. I’m still hoping to better find out, what circumstances I must be on the lookout for in order to be productive at maximum capacity and efficiency (I’m… errm…still looking, o.k.? :)). However – it still was fun to know that someone might have a good time with this – ideally many more than two people 😉 (one can always hope, can we? :)).

Anyway – without further ado: The song is now available on Amazon, iTunes, Napster, eMusic and a bunch of others anywhere between now and the next weeks.

To prelisten, visit Marissa Caliguire’s brand spanking new website. Be sure to check back there in the following days and weeks, as Marissa will travel to Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards and cover lots of exciting stuff going on there. Also, be sure to pay a visit to The Digital Guy Radio Show, aka Radio Boss, who’s attending, too and who is a sponsor of Oasis’. TDG is also going to revv up their game, as a live video stream has been tested over the past few weeks and will be in operation as of … (am I supposed to share…?). Well, just head over to the Digital Guy Show to check out the latest and greatest on all things Smooth Jazz. Groove first, people! Groove first. (errm… note to self in that regard…, thank you)

wesbound, March of 2011.



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