MC# featured via Marissa’s Segment on the Digital Guy Radio Show!

I’m still in disbelief and near shock: Marissa Caliguire featured my track MC# in her segment on Bruce Nazarian “The Digital Guy” Radio Show! Seriously???!!! I kept shaking my head for about 3 mins. and 30 seconds… Really? Not only did she feature the track, but narrate my bio and musical journey so far. Wow…so THIS is what it feels like, when dreams come true!!!

Thanks be to Marissa aka Radio Gurl and Bruce Nazarian, aka The Digital Guy aka Radio Boss aka Lemonator! Wow – this is a very special moment for me, guys! For those of you, who weren’t able to tune in last night, you get to listen to the entire show and download the podcast here. I’ve taken the liberty of editing the podcast and extracted Marissa’s segment for those of you, who want to get right at that part of the show. Find it below. Simply press the play button to listen! But I do encourage you to go Bruce’s site and savour the entire show and maybe even past shows – you’re in for a treat!

The Digital Guy Radio ShowMyCNotes

MC# premiers on Bruce Nazarian “The Digital Guy” Radio Show, 03/21!

For a little bit more than a year I’ve been a regular listener of Bruce Nazarian’s “The Digital Guy” Radio Show on Solar Radio. Eversince the show’s debut on February 1st 2010 it was my goal to get airplay there once as I consider it a benchmark for musical quality. It was my first favorite web radio station after discovering the Contemporary Jazz world for myself. So without further ado, I’m extremely proud to announce that my track MC#, which I had substantial help with through the experienced ears and hands of the Digital Guy himself, is going to be on the show tomorrow afternoon (midnight in the UK and 1 am in Germany, where I’m located).

In addition to these personally significant news, please also notice that TDG is now being transmitted via live video as well. Every now and then, Bruce welcomes Contemporary Jazz artists on the show for some live interaction and interviews. In addition to that, regular listeners have been interacting via Facebook page (see link above) and now also get to chat in realtime in the chat room adjacent to the video feed.

I am excited to have managed taking another step in my musical endeavours. Please share this with everyone, who is a fan of great music, old, new and anywhere in between 🙂

See you on the internet! Just click the link in the text and then ‘like’ – and you’re a new member of the listening family!

wesbound, March 20th 2011

wesbound Japan Desaster Relief Initiative

Japan Desaster Relief
OK. I want to help. For reasons that need not concern anyone, I have only a few bucks to donate directly – which I did. Other than that – what help I can give has to happen via my gift of writing and recording music. I consider it a gift and as such – a service first. So… as I want to help the people of Japan, who have to endure mind-boggling tragedy at present, let’s keep this simple (as simple as possible):

– Find me at Reverbnation.
– Join the mailing list (I take it, if you’re going to be a part of this, we have something in common. Here’s to hoping it might be a similar taste in music next to a need to help in the face of desaster)
– You are now a fan of mine. As such, you get to download ALL MY SO FAR RELEASED song files for FREE! Downside: There is only four of them (doh! Sorry, I’m a slow worker now, I am hoping to improve that shortly. And: Astute readers will notice, there is one more file – which I’ll re-release in the near future – and you’ll get to have that as a FREE download as well – regardless of the situation in Japan).
– I take it on FAITH – a.k.a. I take YOUR WORD for it! – that you have placed a donation with one of the desaster relief organiziations helping Japan. (see an exemplary list below). If you haven’t – I take your word, you are going to do so at your earliest possible opportunity. That goes for existing fans of mine as well (a combined number of around 130 on Reverbnation and Myspace, who signed up, next to some 520 more on Facebook).
– Was I crazy to give away music for free? I would like to believe that no. You can always cheat? Yes, you can. And then it is only you that has to keep living with yourself. In my experience: Karma finds us. Sooner or later. But it does. 😉

Here’s some organizations that sound credible in helping Japan in this current crisis of Biblical proportions:
Better Place (it can ONLY get better IMHO…)
Ärzte Ohne Grenzen. Please note: They currently DO NOT accept direct donations on behalf of Japan. However…. eversince I’ve subscribed to their newsletter a few years back, I could witness how they always help those that need it the most! Even when other charity organizations have pulled the plug. Eventually, they WILL be equipped to take direct donations. The money you donate now, will not be wasted!

I would like to encourage you to spread this note! Was I opening a door for illegal downloads? Yes. But again: Karma will find those, who abuse this. And: This initiative will run until the end of the month of March! I am going to remove the full length files for download after March 31st!. Again: I meant to keep helping as simple as possible. It’s about HELPING and being the better man first (and again: I take the side effect of adding more fans to my mailing list as a sign of you and I having something in common that goes beyond the music). And I’ll be damned, if anyone tried to talk me out of believing in the GOOD of people!
P.S. My American friends taught me how to make lemonade from lemons. Let’s now make riceballs from … thin air.

wesbound, March 2011

MC# hits the airwaves!

Dear friend,

MC# on iTunes
I’m pleased to report that MC# is rapidly making its way onto the airwaves since it’s launch a couple of days ago. I have it on good authority that David Gonzalez of Smooth Wave Jazz is going to consider adding MC# to their rotation of Smooth Jazz, Mary Ann Wexler of US New Jazz added the song to their playlist, Colleen Spencer and Reggie Mitchell of Smooth Grooves Phoenix requested the track for potential programming and it’s going to air on Saturday, March 26th at 8 pm MST, Wes George of Jazznet247 announced to get MC# into his March playlist and also added me to their family of friends directory – where I’m in company I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of being! Then there’s Bobby D of FunkyJazz TV, who requested the track and announced getting it into his Sunday, March 13th mix and live show. Also Mike Scott asked me to send the file. Last, but definitely not least, there is MJ Vegas of The Coast Online Radio, who also features one of my previous tracks, the Naiad Theme with video, Gary Fuston of GHP Radio and Ted Hasiuk of Café Jazz.

On a special note, I would like to point out that none of this would have been possible without the initiative, vision and enthusiasm of Marissa “Radio Gurl” Calliguire and most noteably creative and technical guidance as well as factual help from Bruce “Radio Boss” Nazarian, a.k.a. The Digital Guy of the eponymous radio show format he founded in February 2009.

I’d like to do a BIG shoutout to above noted mentors as well as friends and fans, who have been cheering me on for more than two years now. It’s quite the trip! Thanks guys! YOU – make this happen!

wesbound, March 11th, 2011

Update: This just in: Bruce Nazarian a.k.a. The Digital Guy, who greatly helped shaping the song and taking it to a new level for me, is going to air MC# on Monday, March 21st on the Digital Guy Show, 4 pm PST, 12 am in the UK! Please join the fan page (by clicking the link ‘Digital Guy’) and become a part of the TDG family! Also, in order to keep the music alive, please consider purchasing the Digital Guy’s Outstanding Tracks of 2010 CD to keep school music programs alive!

New tune: “MC#”, speak: em-cee sharp

mc_sharpI have completed another tune. It’s called MC# (speak: em-cee sharp) and made of Marissa Caliguire’s initials combined with a pun on the musical key C# (C sharp). Marissa recently relaunched her website and asked me, whether I could contribute an exclusive song for this endevour. Why – of course! So I started to write the main theme right away, which kind of ‘happened’ on me – maybe one of those lucky moments, where the muse comes sitting on your shoulder and whispers music in your ears :). Well… after that, there was a lot of tedious, nitty-gritty work involved, of course. The writing of a song (main theme, lyrics) is one thing. Getting it recorded and produced – can be a painfully long and tedious process, at least with me here. I’m still hoping to better find out, what circumstances I must be on the lookout for in order to be productive at maximum capacity and efficiency (I’m… errm…still looking, o.k.? :)). However – it still was fun to know that someone might have a good time with this – ideally many more than two people 😉 (one can always hope, can we? :)).

Anyway – without further ado: The song is now available on Amazon, iTunes, Napster, eMusic and a bunch of others anywhere between now and the next weeks.

To prelisten, visit Marissa Caliguire’s brand spanking new website. Be sure to check back there in the following days and weeks, as Marissa will travel to Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards and cover lots of exciting stuff going on there. Also, be sure to pay a visit to The Digital Guy Radio Show, aka Radio Boss, who’s attending, too and who is a sponsor of Oasis’. TDG is also going to revv up their game, as a live video stream has been tested over the past few weeks and will be in operation as of … (am I supposed to share…?). Well, just head over to the Digital Guy Show to check out the latest and greatest on all things Smooth Jazz. Groove first, people! Groove first. (errm… note to self in that regard…, thank you)

wesbound, March of 2011.

A Visitor from the Past

early NASA computing powerSometimes… we find an old photo album in the den, where wifey stacked away stuff that wasn’t pretty enough to make the cut for the living room, the coffee table, the little armrest in the bathroom. Sometimes, we come across an old friend, whom we didn’t think of still being alive and around. Sometimes… our loved ones remind us of moments we had in the past. Significant moments. Moments to remember a lifetime. And sometimes… none of this applies. Sometimes – funny things from the past simply happen upon us. And such one moment happened today:

I am subscribed to a newsletter that gives me an idea of whether or not people Google – or rather: ‘Yasni’ – my name. If they do, said newsletter has statistics on how often they do and what search terms on Google or elsewhere takes them to my profile. Hm. I prefer to understand things (where it would be a WHOLE different story, what defines ‘understanding’, you know?) Anyway. I click this link. And …. all of a sudden… I find myself in my own version of “Back to the future” – in a manner of speaking… What happened? Well. There is this ‘Yellow Pages’ kind of thing in my country. It tracks, how often people look for your name and – as said above – what search terms they use to find you. I think, this newscast comes in on a weekly basis. Something like that. I don’t pay it much mind, as what it’s about is for them to basically advertise their services. As in: “Pay us your dear bucks, if you want to find out, when and how Granny managed to look for you, when you didn’t return her calls.” As I don’t have bucks galore at this point, I’m left to care less for how Granny finds me. Again. That’s a different story. But now… among the search results that someone must have gotten presented with… one of those takes me back to like almost 20 years ago! When I was in college, going for a degree in teaching at first. 1994 to be exact. I was about to fall in love with my later wife, now ex-wife. I had bought my first computer. I had remembered my Granddad going “Why don’t you do something with computers, son?” And so I bought one from the little money I made with the odd jobs I held next to attending lectures at university. And I spent many a night in figuring out, what that thing actually did or rather: What I could do with it. In particular: How I’d be able to record my own music on it. This is 1994. Fast computers took up an entire room, cost about a 4-bedroom-family home in the suburbs with a 2-generation payment plan and consumer ones’ barely surpassed a pocket calculator in processing power. I had an ATARI 1040 ST.Had only 1 MB (!) of memory. (Chinese to you? Follow the links… :)) BUT: That odd machine, which danced on my last nerve (as ALL of technology does, actually) – gave me the freedom to record some of my original music! Yessir! I was free, all of sudden!!! (More or less LOL).

Well… Now it’s 2011. I have about some thousand times of processing power at my fingertips than NASA had when they launched their first Apollo missions. I have sound libraries that would have forced me to sell my mother’s liver to a cancer patient back in the day in order to be able to afford the sounds that now come preinstalled on a laptop! The point of this? Being a bit sentimental for one. But… being amazed time and time … and then time again at the possibilities this generation has in store for us.

People… we got it GOOD around here!!! Make no mistake!