wesbound on Marissa Caliguire’s MyCnotes

I’m stoked! Marissa Caliguire asked me to do a track for her new website My Cnotes. I was thrilled and started working on a track right away. I had an idea for a main theme, which I sent to her after a day or two and was thrilled again to find her enthusiastic response in my email inbox! And that fuelled my motivation to the point of having me work on the rest of the song almost obessively 😉 – at least at times and on certain parts (like the horn arrangements for example).

And now it’s a wrap and I’m pleased to say that per today Marissa kindly features me on her website. Be sure to stop by her page and check out her past, recent and coming interviews with a hand-picked selection of the finest of artists in the Smooth Jazz/Contemporary Jazz genre (not meaning to blow my own horn, but referring to the other artists on the site :)).

I am so honored. Thanks, Marissa!