Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

… sings Philipp Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire in the eponymous song. Today, these words and the sentiment behind them hit me with unforgiving proximity, as I am in shock to learn about the passing of a dear person, I only met a short while ago. Levon and I connected on Facebook over our mutual love for music in general and Smooth Jazz in particular. I won’t forget, how he kept urging me to come to the Smooth Jazz Festival in Augsburg this year. His enthusiasm was so inviting that I knew, I had to find a way to go there to celebrate music, nice people and life with him. Embrace life – from the short amount of time that I knew this Gentle Man I think that’s what he was about: Embracing every moment, celebrating the miracles of life each and every day, down to the minute, the moment. His abundance of photographs on Facebook not only document that, but another trait of his personality as I see it: His passion for sharing all the joy he experienced with friends, family and maybe even whomever was currently ready to have a slice of said joy.

I am in shock to hear of his sudden passing as of this morning. I’ll miss him, that’s for sure. I can only hope that his partner in life and his family will find comfort and solace in seeing, how loved their love, son, brother… was. I hope, his journey continues somewhere else with at least as much joy as he had and shared while being with us. Party on hard, Levon!



  1. very touching article. it is so sad to lose those that touch us so deeply. you can help keep his memory alive by doing what you and he both loved so much, creating and sharing beautiful music and sharing it with the world.



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