Public Prelistening

I have completed the mixing and mastering session of my new track “Naiad Theme“. The song is inspired by Jascha Sonis and her jewelry design work, which in part she generously donated to the DO Foundation (please see the DO Something tags here). From the initial concept of the song to its current state, some time has passed. However, I would like to think the track to be in a place and shape now that is nearing a possible release on iTunes.

Here’s my idea: Let’s make this into a public prelistening “party”! I have posted the song full length as a streaming file on Reverbnation, iLike and on my Facebook page (which actually links back to Reverbnation for the music tab). It comes at 320 kpbs stereo, which is a fairly high quality (Reverbnation won’t accept anything less than that). For reasons of there being a length limit of 3 minutes and 27 seconds, the song fades out prematurely, the release version will be over 4 minutes.

At your convenience, I would like you, my dear fans and friends, to spin the track – ideally on very different devices that are somehow also connected to the web, e.g. on your iPod/iPhone, your home stereo (if you can access that from your computer), using headphones or external speakers etc. etc. I have been testing the sound on whatever audio devices are available in my household and also taken a spin in the car (car test inspired by Brian Culbertson’s vblog). I personally tend to want a lot of “bottom” (bass) to be there, but that should not come at “clipping” or your speakers pumping till they break. So – check it out! Play the tune at all volumes on all devices and let me know, what you find. The metering in my software didn’t find any clipping in technical terms – but that’s a bunch of bits and bytes talking – they don’t have ears, if you know, what I’m talking about.

Alright… this is a new idea, public prelistening (is it really? Or has someone else done that? I wouldn’t be aware). Let’s see, how this works. Many thanks in advance! Oh… I might have a little surprise for all of those, who really take their time coming back to me with detailed feedback… but that will take another “lap” of time … 🙂

wesbound/May 2010


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