Mother’s Day: Remastered Track “I Count on U” – Free Download and personalized Thank You!

My dear and very talented friend Jaro Messerschmidt of Reich-Messerschmidt was so kind as to remaster my track “I Count on U” for better compliance with (internet) radio airplay requirements as far as perceived loudness and better “presence” of the lead guitar. I think, he did a fine job with that – you can prelisten to the remastered version (in part) at my Reverbnation profile.

So here’s a wesbound special “sweepstakes”: If you have previously purchased my track and give me the iTunes or Amazon order number, I will provide you with a personalized password-protected download location, where you can download the remastered track from – free of charge, of course! And if you’re one of my regular close friends and supporters, I will simply accept your word for it 🙂

But there’s more: For every 10th gift purchase for Mother’s Day, I will send you a short personalized “Thank you”-video and Mother’s day message to a recipient of your choice! Just let me know, who the person is you gift-purchased my track for and name the email address to send it to.

To “order” your remastered track, drop me a line at and include the subject line “Remastered Track”. To “win” a personalized Mother’s Day message for your gift-purchase, send it to also and include the subject “Mother’s Day Gift Purchase”. And if it’s both – requesting the remastered track as well as “winning” the personalized video note, include the subject line “Remastered Track and Gift Purchase”.

You will get an idea as to what I’m about to do over the course of the next few days… 🙂 That’s right: Sending out emails and video notes! 😀 Hence: Feel free to redistribute this note and spread the word. Heartfelt thanks to all my online and offline friends and supporters for having my back like that – I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

The relevant links again:
I Count on U on iTunes (US Store)
I Count on U on iTunes (German Store)
I Count on U on AmazonMP3
wesbound on Reverbnation (prelisten remastered track)
Mail address to “order” remastered track and personalized video-note


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