Dreams in Color Concert Tour 2010 for the Homeless

Dear fans and friends,

pls. click this link for me and take a minute to read on, as this cause is dear to me:

The DO Foundation, founded by my friend and music mentor since 2009 Brian O’Neal, are competing for a sponsorship grant of 250,000 USD in order to launch a US-nationwide fundraiser and charity concert tour, which will bring awareness to the cause of homelessness and generate funds to directly DO Something about the situation – in Detroit, where DO Foundation’s headquarters are located, but also all across the nation via means of social networking sites and a vast and ever growing number of volunteer supporters and official staff members. This is how Brian O’Neal describes the endeavour:

“I am entering this contest on behalf of a newly developed organization called “DO Foundation.” DO Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of everyone with an emphasis on the economically challenged and culturally disadvantaged. We are striving to improve the lives of individuals, families, veterans and teens who are displaced/homeless by providing immediate assistance in regaining a life of self-sufficiency. We have put together an event that will allow us to begin to achieve that goal starting in Detroit, MI. I am proposing to organize an 8 -9 city all star concert tour simply titled “Dreams In Color” to raise proceeds that will be invested to fund in-house and outside community empowerment programs and housing for the homeless. This will be a highly publicized concert event, featuring some of the biggest names in Contemporary Jazz, Blues, and R&B as well as popular local artist , comedians and star athletes. ”

In a nutshell, this is FUN & SUPPORT for a good cause! Can it get any better?

You can submit a daily vote at above link to vote in favor of the DO Foundation to win the 250,000 $ sponsorship fund. If they win – make sure you place your ticket reservation WAY in advance, as you’ll be seeing MAJOR NAMES of the music industry gracing the stage together with Brian O’Neal and his band.

This is a classic win-win situation: Everyone will get something out of this – and on behalf of a noble cause!

Thank you,


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