*singing*: “What a Difference a Day Makes…”

Who wouldn’t know the popular song so beguiling delivered by Dinah Washington? Well… today happened to be one of those days for me… 🙂 I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around this! The first thing I noticed as of this morning was a message in my regular inbox by April E Sims, notifying me that I am the featured WAGTi member of the week! (See my other post about this). Whoohoo!!! So I took a screenshot and posted it on my Facebook wall. And then… I am notified by a service called tunecore that my song “I Count on U” is available on iTunes as of now. (Truth be told… the message might have sat there for a while on one of my secondary email accounts and I might have just overlooked it … ). So I’m posting this a bit later. And then… my Facebook wall literally explodes from that: Friends chime in, rejoice in the news with me, repost those links, leave comments, actually go and order the song, keep distributing the news… wow!! I LOVE friends and I LOVE the internet!

So… this really made my day and more to come!! Guess, I better sat my behind down and did some more writing and recording to keep stuff coming where that came from…

Thank you guys – you know who you are and I left my thank you’s for you on Facebook. What a difference a single day makes!

update: Between posting this entry and today… there have been 200+ new Facebook friends! Wow! Things kick into gear here… (:o


WAGTi Member of the Week!

WAGTI Front Page

I am this week's WAGTi member of the week! Thanks April!

I have recently joined WAGTi – short for “we are greater than I” – network created and operated by April E Sims. WAGTi is a social media platfrom created by indie artists (April) for indie artists and targeted at giving indie (independent) artists some added exposure, which they are often denied by the established media and publishing outlets.

I recently had the pleasure of talking to April when calling in to blogtalkradio, another venture of hers, and came to know her as a warm-hearted, yet capable and determined artist and entrepreneur. I am honored to have been accepted to WAGTi and now to be made featured member of the week. Thank you, April, for creating this platform and for supporting us so diligently and able!