wesbound’s First Radio Interview on blogtalkradio

I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to call in at April Sim’s and Poetry Man’s online radio show on blogtalkradio. April Sims and Christopher L. Fields aka Poetry Man host this show as a platform for emerging and independent artists to showcase their work and share knowledge on essentials such as advertising their business/talent. They are both well-versed artists and entrepreneurs themselves in the fields of spoken word, poetry, photography, graphic arts – and they are both music lovers 🙂 So … last night – or actually early morning – I acted on an impulse when finding that they had an open mic night and called in – and got interviewed! They also let me play my song “I Count on U” to their audience and we talked about the music writing process, what instruments I play, my collaboration with Brian O’Neal on Dreams in Color, the web and its reach of connecting people etc. Feel free to listen and see for yourselves!


Opening at Acoustic Corner

Today, Erik Berthold, the owner of “Acoustic Corner“, the guitars and repairs shop in my village, invited me to open for the main acts on March 18th, April 8th and May 20th with a short set of 20 mins. each. This might be interesting, as it’s an intimate setting with a musically inclined and educated audience, among them many musicians themselves. So I guess, I get to exercise addressing the audience in entertaining ways. I am not sure yet, which songs to use as my repertoire. I’m thinking, Robben Ford cover versions.

#update: Due to some other preparation that has me very busy, I just cancelled that gig.