Stagelife Reloaded

So I did it: Sat in with the André Marselous Group at Bayerischer Hof, Munich, on three nights from October 29th through 31st. I had about a month to learn the material (40-50 songs), some of which I had never played before, some I even didn’t know at all. I don’t mean to be tooting my own horn too hard, but I think, it could have gone worse seeing as I was hospitalized the very weekend before the gigs after I had blacked out and collapsed in the middle of my living room, thus getting myself a laceration on the chin from the hard fall. I am very aware of the fact that as an instrumentalist, there’ll still be a LOT for me to learn and improve on, particularly when soloing. On the other hand, I may have made up on that by just doing the stage thing as best as I could, moving and dancing along with André Marselous, our charismatic front man and a very cool person backstage.

What am I taking away from this? Well… for one, I have to admit that I can’t fool myself any longer over the fact that I am 20 years older now… little sleep, a certain amount of stagefright and being nervous prior to the gigs in addition to doing the thing had me more exhausted than I anticipated. On the other hand, I hope to be able to say that there are some general chops and ‘stageness’ left so as to not completely screw up.

Nonetheless, there’ll be some processing and hard thinking ahead of me in terms of deciding where to take this – or if so at all. I’ll keep y’all posted 😉


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