Of Bishops and Pawns

I have been given the incredible opportunity to be the backup singer and guitarist for Ferdinand Kirner of Chessboard. For the past four weeks, I’ve been learning the material as diligently and thorougly as I could. Tonight I sat in for a whole night for the first time. In all humility: Despite me hitting some off notes and needing a lot of finetuning still, I think, it might be ok to say that it could have gone worse. Spontaneous applause, happy faces, whistling and hooting, high fives and embraces – in one word (no, three): I’m happy! I will have my life back, eventually! I can’t believe that I seem to have forgotten, how much fun all of this is! To sit in with cool cats, who know how to deliver a decent groove, playing REAL, hand-made music in front of an appreciative audience – there are far worse things in life, I would *wildly* guess.

This will be my thing from now on – ideally without having to digress into a day job again. I would like to personally thank Mel Canady for giving me this wonderful opportunity to join as a second guitarist. If you like, come see us with André Marselous at Bayerischer Hof from October 29th through 31st. See you there?


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