Lantern Celebration

Green Leaf

I am pleased to announce a new venue and date for an appearance at Green Leaf Indochine Restaurant, Munich. This is what the Green Leaf brochure reads like:

“Our claim ‘Freshen up your life’ allows you to not only experience the wellness feel to healthy living through preparation of our courses, but for the first time ever through enjoying a drink at our cocktail bar. Our renowned bartender John Kindall from Florida will create drinks for you that are not only well aligned with our motto, but which are going to be an all-time first. Or can you say that you’ve ever had a Gingerrinha with fresh ginger before in your life? Or a Tai Chi Harmony topped by Aloe Vera?”

In addition, Green Leaf will celebrate China’s traditional Lantern Feast on February 19th, 2009:

“The Latern Celebration is held at the first full moon after Spring Festivity. Traditionally small spheres made from sticky rice called Yuanxiao are being served and enjoyed. They are a symbol of family ties and the implied coherence and loyalty amongst family members.”

I have the pleasure of tending to the live music repertoire that night. In addition to my regular repertoire I seek to find a song suiting the night’s motto.

Reservations are being accepted at +49-89-211 11 060. You’ll find the Green Leaf on Erhardt 15 at Cornelius downtown Munich.

I’d love to see one or the other familiar face.

Update: Please find the brand new info trailer, images and detailed information about the Green Leaf (in German, though) by following this this link. I am looking forward to seeing you there for a culinary delight dipped in smooth music.

Update 2: I had major technical problems that night, which I hadn’t expected that way. Otherwise I would have taken more time for a thorough sound-check. Hm… Hope, I didn’t all bust it… I got the feeling, though that customers and audience were still appreciative of me, some even openly grooved along. So… this is hoping, I’ll get a second chance to make good for the occasional feedback I had to struggle with…


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