Another Gig, a new Venue

I played at Vielharmonie tonight, a fine wining and dining place in my vicinity, and they hosted a birthday dinner tonight. The birthday boy as well as the owner were incredibly nice and had a nice crowd there tonight. Birthday patron had invited quite a number of friends and co-workers and they all stayed for five hours or longer – so apparently, he is quite a popular guy with his ‘tribe’ :). The one thing, I found really quite flattering was this: He came to this site and checked my material out, then recorded a CD and played it to a friend in his car in order to check, whether I’d be the right choice for tonight. Ain’t that sweet? 😉 So, I got to play for them as well as a fairly large number of Friday night crowd that started their weekends on a nice meal (they B-B-Q and serve Angus steaks from 0.4 to 3.3! pounds right in front of you), some fine red wine or a cocktail here and there (I know, I did – the latter ;-))

Anyway, I’m happy people seem to have enjoyed themselves as well as my live appearance. That’s the idea: To give people a good time.


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