More Acquisition in the Process

I have been dining a few times at a new Indochine restaurant in Munich, which I discovered by pure chance after a business appointment one Friday afternoon. As the appointment had gone fairly well and put me in good spirits, I spontaneously decided to reward myself by dining at the Green Leaf on Erhardtstrasse at Cornelius- in Munich, in walking distance to the former building of “Deutsches Museum” on the Isar. It wasn’t prime dining time, yet, so the place wasn’t crowded – much to my liking! I had a most delicious meal (and I can tell the differences, as I mostly prefer Asian cuisine when dining out) and the opportunity to chat a bit with the owner and the bartender. The place had just opened about a week ago and you could tell they hadn’t gotten around all finishing the furnishing, but I didn’t mind. What was already there looked and felt promising, especially the tasteful lighting. On top of it, service staff was really accessible and very, very nice – which is a rare thing in Germany in general and Munich in particular.

So I took chances and presented my music repertoire to them, handed them one of my advertising postcards and let them listen to an original tune I had just finished and happened to have with me on the iPod. Before I left, I had a larger version of the most delicious welcome drink, which is a Mango-Kiwi-Daiquiri – very tasty! When I finally headed out, the owner as well as John, the bar-tender said they’d call me about potential live performances. So, after having been there a second time and then finally today, a third time and delivering a demo CD on their request, things look, as if I might get to play there live beginning of March. Nothing’s carved in stone, yet, but I get the feeling this could be a great place to perform, as John had Smooth Jazz on the PA system all night – and every night I went there. And on top of it all, I get the impression that we get along well with each other as people, too. I had a quite nice and lengthy talk with Tran, the owner, tonight after returning there when I had fnished watching Seven Pounds.

Along with Vielharmonie in Alling, who also announced they might book me on a rather regular basis, project wesbound is picking up pace faster than I thought it would. Hm… should I have struck the right nerve with my selection of tunes? From the looks and sounds (sic!) of it, this might actually be the case.

Interesting… in the past few years things didn’t always really pan out for me. Tentatively speaking again, this looks and feels, as if times were about to change for me – for the better… I certainly wouldn’t mind THAT at all! 😀


Another Gig, a new Venue

I played at Vielharmonie tonight, a fine wining and dining place in my vicinity, and they hosted a birthday dinner tonight. The birthday boy as well as the owner were incredibly nice and had a nice crowd there tonight. Birthday patron had invited quite a number of friends and co-workers and they all stayed for five hours or longer – so apparently, he is quite a popular guy with his ‘tribe’ :). The one thing, I found really quite flattering was this: He came to this site and checked my material out, then recorded a CD and played it to a friend in his car in order to check, whether I’d be the right choice for tonight. Ain’t that sweet? 😉 So, I got to play for them as well as a fairly large number of Friday night crowd that started their weekends on a nice meal (they B-B-Q and serve Angus steaks from 0.4 to 3.3! pounds right in front of you), some fine red wine or a cocktail here and there (I know, I did – the latter ;-))

Anyway, I’m happy people seem to have enjoyed themselves as well as my live appearance. That’s the idea: To give people a good time.

Pitfalls of the Creative Process

I am currently in the process of – hopefully – finishing another tune.

I guess it’s commonplace to state that when working on a creative piece you sooner or later end up with tunnel vision: Not only have you thought of gazillions of slight variations here and there, you may have already tried and dimissed them altogether and thus sooner or later find yourself taking things off as you go along. In simple words: The more you LEAVE out, the better it tends to get. *sigh* – I should heed my own warning here, as I keep shoving stuff into the arrangement of above linked tune. Also, I HATE my voice. I can’t stand listening to myself singing and I also never get the performance right, as I’m recording this at home, where I don’t have studio equipment, such as e.g. a sound-proof box for recording voiceover or vocals. Hence – I’m always timid about disturbing one of my neighbours or getting unwanted attention of one kind or the other.
So, in other words: As soon as I’ve managed to get something recorded and listen to what I’ve just done … I feel like throwing it in the garbage. Personal issues, like not liking my voice set aside, the process is a tricky one.

I’m afraid, I’ll have to adjust to that and learn to love it to some extent….

Chain Reaction – or: Watering down the original Web Idea

According to this article, today’s artist appears on a number of social networking sites, such as Facebook to name just one, and creates so-called “social objects”. These can be behind-the-scenes videos of the artist at work, yet unreleased songs, images of course, blog posts and so on. While I’ve only started – again, after a 10+ years hiatus – the process of building a collection of original songs, I have begun using the times of missing inspiration or patience or both 😉 with building exactly that kind of presence on the web. The idea is for one to remain productive in that area, when I’m not productive in the other (the music), and second to build myself a kind of framework to be filled with the material later. Also, I guess it helps to gradually attract some of my existing contacts and friends from other social networking sites to my new endeavour. And last, I simply enjoy dabbling in web technologies and trying this or that hosting site or blog platform. Also, it allows me to create outlets for my varied creative activities, which are music (first, always first!), photography, writing.
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