Travel Nerves Reloaded

I think, I must have inherited some of my Grandfather’s travel spirit – or so I’m thinking, as he would always have his camera and a little tape recorder with him in order to journal whatever sights and experiences he’d find worth sharing later on. This was about 40 years ago, so there were no blogs, no chat, no Facebook, Skype and the likes. Journalling happened by analog photography, tape recording and writing! 😉

Anyway, a few days ago, a publisher friend of mine called me and offered to do a little reporting assignment, which involves a trip to Texas at the end of January. I was sooo happy!!!! I coulnd’t have wished for a greater Christmas gift than this! It put me in good spirits for the past few days and I am so looking forward to be travelling North America again, even if it is just for a week or so. Also, I’ll be trying to catch up with an old High School friend, which I haven’t seen in some 20 years.

But it won’t stop there: As soon as I was booked on that trip, the travel nerves kicked in big-time and my always imaginative mind wandered off like trying to land more such assignments or even do a roadtrip in an RV for several months and making acquaintes and encounters of all kinds and write those down for this or other travel magazins, blogs and whatnot.

I think, my ex-wife may have been right about me: I just ain’t no family man, who’d find his peace of mind by settling down and then be absorbed by the same routines day after day, week after week, year round… Maybe there’s a bigger streak of Grandpa running in my blood than I’d have ever thought… But again: This is all tentative and might as well be my mind running wild with ideas, who knows.


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