Rethinking Priorities

I have contemplated on how to restructure my life to make more time for music. I guess, I’ll have to see to it, I continue to work for the IT/web industry part time in order to make ends meet materially. Parallel, I’ll try to land more gigs in order to make some income from playing.

At the same time, I’ve devised a few steps to take in order to reduce expense and not have to worry about money going out at the current rate. This will most likely involve moving again some time in the near future. I’m thinking of cutting down on housing expense, which – in other words – will ultimately lead to a smaller place. However, I’ll be trying to find something really secluded, ideally with me as the only tennant in the building. Won’t be easy to find, but I’m told the stronger you believe in your visions, the more likely you are to attract the right people and opportunities to make that happen. We’ll see about that.

On a different note, while saving on expense and maybe also getting rid of the car in exchange for an old beat-up drive that will just get me from a to b, I’m thinking of enrolling in music classes again in order to fill the gaps of my music skills. Particularly, I need to become more proficient with the entire Jazz realm, chord patterns, scales, alterations, improvisation, that kind of thing. I tend to get bored listening to what I’m playing on a regular basis – seems, I don’t have too large a “vocabulary” to draw from. I’ll have to change that.

I’m slowly becoming aware of how big the chunk is I set out to swallow… – hope, I won’t choke in the process. Keep your fingers x-ed for me, encouragement is always appreciated … 😉


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