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W.N. alias wes'bound

W.N. alias wes'bound

According to a brilliantly observed and well-written post by George Howard over at TuneCore the artist of the modern day doesn’t create albums any more, but singular social objects. I found this astutely observed read to be very inspiring and had been intending all along to do what Howard suggests: Make your potential audience a part of the entire “making of the artist”-process.

So, also according to Howard’s suggestion, I plan on making this wordpress-blog my nucleus of all the various places I keep wallpapering my face and work over… In an unparalleled way, the artist becomes a “casus publicus”, a public human instance, transparent, accessible, highly exposed as never before, but best of all: Much more in control of the process than ever before in history, both the creative process as well as the (self-) marketing and potential sales process. (update: Apparently, other big-names-in-the-making are following this approach, too)
I have been waiting for this opportunity to come around. I have been dabbling in music since age 13, performing with local bands even back then and except for a 10 year hiatus from the stage due to different priorities for a certain time I can safely say, I never really quit loving music and playing it – if not elsewhere than to myself in the convenience of my living room.

And then a few years ago, the web 2.0 happened and put all kinds of interesting technology and gadgets in our hands – the technical evolution is far from being over and in the process of moving from laptops to touchscreen devices, most of them powerful enough to replace a laptop in part or even entirely for some applications. As opposed to technology being ten- to twenty times as expensive – while being less powerful, mind you! – as today, you get to record decent sounding tracks at a fraction of the cost using your home-recording gear – in my case a MacBook Pro 2,4 GHz (pre uni-body edition) with GarageBand preinstalled (the full set of Jam Packs, though), a Native Instruments Kontrol 1 audio interface,  a Kurzweil PC 88-MX piano-keyboard, my little Roland Cube 30x amp, a ’95 Fender American Standard Stratocaster and a neodym stage mic for vocals – that’s it! The sum total of those items will probably max out at 5,000 bucks considering the time of their original purchase.

Whether I’ll have the talent, perseverance and inspiration to make a modest name for myself – is up to you! Please see my blogroll for neighbouring sites I upload my material to and document the process of – hopefully – making my lifelong dream come true. Be a part of that journey, if you feel like it, give me your honest replies and let’s stay in touch at our convenience.

Oh, and not to forget a little political statement: The web is our LAST fortress of freedom in the world – never forget that and let’s never allow governments to take control of the one and only people media. So let’s all support the Free Speech initiative!

Peace and out,

w.n. alias wes’bound


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