Reorganizing Preview Tracks

wesbound music track coverAfter careful consideration I’ve decided to remove all full length tracks, which are embedded in this blog and on Facebook and elsewhere. I have uploaded short preview tracks much like iTunes offers them. They range around 30 seconds each, two tracks are beyond one minute. This should give you an idea of what the rest of the tracks sound like. As I’ve still not entirely given up hopes on making a little extra lunch money on the side I provide my music as for-purchase-download files (no physical CD yet). I am aware that typical Smooth Jazz audiences aren’t too partial to downloading and prefer holding a physical CD in their hands, ideally purchased at a live concert and signed by the artist. Well… I can’t ever get there, if I don’t make at least a little bit of money from downloads. In other words: If you like my music and if you’d like to see me take another level, we’re going to have to meet half-way. :-)

I might post a download tutorial some time. For now, please find my tracks in the music player in the right column or on the wb music page. Download-links are available directly in the music player and they’re labeled “buy”. Thanks for all your support so far, I appreciate it! And my apologies for any inconveniences while I was in the process of reorganizing the linked music files.


Save the date, Ladies & Gentlemen: September 13th through 15th 2013 at Kurhaus Goeggingen, Augsburg with a well proven cast of backing band and a very exciting list of artists. Check it out following below link:


MALLORCA SMOOTHJAZZ FESTIVAL 3-5 MAY 2013 PROMO by DJ THE FONZ on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds

Nice audio promo announcing the lineup and everything else regarding all things MALLORCA SMOOTHJAZZ FESTIVAL 3-5 MAY 2013. For more info, see the relevant Facebook page and post.

Larry Rosen – Smooth Jazz Is a Terrible Term – YouTube

Just found this on Tom’s stream. Tom and few trusted employees run the small, but fine C.A.R.E. Music Group record label and music publishing company in Germany, representing such fine talent as e.g. Chuck Loeb, Lizzy Loeb, Don Grusin, Philippe Saisse and domestic talent like e.g. Christian Elsässer, Lutz Häfner oder Peter Fessler.

I must agree on Mr. Rosen’s statement brought forward in an insightful as well as entertaining way. I think, many of us can, right? :)

Larry Rosen – Smooth Jazz Is a Terrible Term – YouTube.

666 – The Moment is Here! ;)

Whooooaaaa – not to be immodest, but … we somehow all kinda sensed this number would eventually happen, didn’t we? (Well, in case of faith in me and my stuff, that is) ;-)
So… without further comment, here it is:
666 wesbound fans

Welcome to my new friends and supporters, shoutout to the previous ones! Whoohoo!

P.S. Notice something else that was funny about the number…? ;) (Hint – it’s all in the comments… ;))