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Just downloaded the excellent album “Time” by Michael Nitsch Band, which you get to purchase from CDBaby.com.

Michael, who originally hails from Cologne, Germany, was introduced to Jazz and taught his first guitar chords by his father Wolfgang. Music luminaries like Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Jim Hall, Tal Farlow and Kenny Burrell found their way into Michael’s music ear as early as age 12. During his later teen years, he also caught the “Blues bug” through music icons like e.g. B.B. King, Albert King, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix. But a pivotal moment was his listening to the 1988 Robben Ford CD release “Talk to Your Daugther”, when he discovered through Ford how to blend Jazz and Blues into one organic fusion of styles.

As Michael honed his skills by playing countless live and studio gigs, particularly after having moved to Munich in 1998, he found opportunities to reap the rewards of his efforts by founding the lounge pop band “Fat’s Jojo Magic” first and getting hired as lead guitarist with the “Donelly Blues Band”. However, he has come into his own with the Michael Nitsch Band, sporting the finest German music talent and with whom he continues to exhilirate musical audiences at renowned music clubs and festivals throughout the country.

Other than touring and playing extensively, Michael hands down his expertise to students of the guitar, who benefit not only from his live and studio experience, but his formal education at MGI Cologne as well. In order to learn about live appearances, please also notice the band’s Facebook page. And last, but not least, treat yourself to this fine piece of music by taking a sneak listen on his website and ideally proceding to the purchase link.

Hans Zimmer plays the Seaboard – the piano of the future – CNN.com

Looks as if this instrument had a lot of ‘control sensitive’ areas that trigger controls and sound modifying parameters. I noticed the ribbon like effect Zimmer employs by simply sliding across the area in front of the actual keys. But see for yourselves:

Hans Zimmer plays the Seaboard – the piano of the future – CNN.com.

Instant Gratification? Anyone?

Wouldn’t it be great, if doing something good gave you instant gratification? The good news is: Instant gratification is a given for your heart and ears, if you decide to Help make Dreams In Color a reality. | Indiegogo. Brian O’Neal whom many of you already know as musician, composer, humanitarian and founder of the DO Foundation is in the finishing stretches of his next big project: The Dreams in Color CD and following “Dreams in Color”-US tour! By choosing to support Brian’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, not only are you making sure that the CD will comply with pristine sonic and overall quality standards, you are also helping to launch a nationwide tour, which is going to generate funds in order for the DO Foundation to set up branch offices in other major cities in the USA, where homelessness meets the helping minds, hearts and hands of Humans helping Humans. You want to be a part of that? Simply click this link, take a minute to listen to Brian giving you more details on the project and what all this is about and then choose for one of the perks in the rightmost nagivation area. Perks start at 15$ which entitle you to download MP3 files of the complete album upon release. Can’t wait and want something more personal? Like e.g. listening to what’s cooking now and an additional signed copy of the CD upon completion? The “Insignia” package at 25$ might be a suitable choice for you then. Ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes and how songs evolve through different versions and iterations until one final version is selected to go into the final mix? Find out by choosing the “Ultimate Dreamer” perk at 50$ (Yes! You’ll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes-peek for about two thirds of a regular concert ticket. Feels like a backstage seat right there, doesn’t it?)

But there’s more and we best not give everything away now. Treat yourself to learn more about this exciting project by following this link. And while you’re at it – even a single dollar goes for miles and miles. Feel free to share this message and invite your friends and fellow music lovers with a heart for people!

Brian ONeal: Dreams In Color | Indiegogo

I had the pleasure and honor of sitting in for the first version of this song. But this project is about an entire album of great, great music by my friend Brian O’Neal. I’m sure, many of you know him through his excellent music, as the man on the keys for KEM as well as the founder and mastermind behind the DO Foundation. Please show the love, as the saying goes, for Brian’s latest (music) project by sharing this and ideally making a contribution. The cost of producing a CD encompasses – amongst other things – renting a studio plus engineer, hiring and paying studio musicians (even when you’re a multiinstrumentalist as Brian is), possibly renting equipment, paying graphic design artists for the cover art, hiring a photographer and having a photo session, hiring a videographer and shooting several music videos, renting a location for the CD release party and fronting the expense for that including all marketing – next to other line items – that goes into that. I could go on and on and on and it might easily take an entire page of listing items the artist has to cover up front prior to making any money or just getting to expect a reasonable return on investment. This is why so-called ‘crowdfunding’ platforms like Indiegogo.com have become so popular: You’ll get what you pay for and all involved parties win! And I am convinced beyond a doubt that Brian’s upcoming CD is going to be first class quality (sssshh…. I am not supposed to say, but I think I’m safe to say I know so… :))

Show the love and spread the word! ;) Thank you!

Teilen ist das neue Haben | Piratenpartei Berlin

Musiker als Tagelöhner? – ttt – titel, thesen, temperamente – ARD | Das Erste.

Autsch! Super autsch! “Teilen ist das neue Haben”, liest man auf den Wahlplakaten der Piraten. Ja, o.k. – wenn ich bei meinen Zuhörern dann umsonst wohnen und essen darf, ausreichend Privatsphäre habe, um meiner künstlerischen Tätigkeit weiter nachgehen zu können, dann von mir aus. Den Slogan müssen wir vielleicht doch nochmal überdenken…

Extension of Song on iTunes, Amazon et al

I hate soliciting. While I am happy to support other people’s causes and projects here and there, I hate to do that on my own behalf. However, I must if another one of my tunes is supposed to remain available on iTunes, Amazon and other common digital stores, the latter more or less for reasons of exposure and wider availability. (it’s like having a spot on a Macy’s shelf at a major urban mall or something…). I am subscribed to some of the major digital stores, like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify – to name just a few – via Tunecore.com as I found their distribution model to be transparent, easy to understand and – well at the time – fairly o.k. in pricing. They charge a flat fee per song per year for distribution on up to 20 different stores including those stores’ national outlets, which multiplies that number significantly. This flat fee is due for this song:

If you enjoy, what you’re hearing, then please consider following the link above in the player to purchase a digital copy of it. I need about 10 copies to get to keep the song available on above named popular stores. I personally prefer selling via bandcamp as their distribution model is even more fair to the artist. However and like I said – exposure on iTunes, Amazon etc. adds “credibility”. I’m not going to argue on the latter and simply accept the terms and rules ;-) Thanks for your support, I appreciate it!

666 – The Moment is Here! ;)

Whooooaaaa – not to be immodest, but … we somehow all kinda sensed this number would eventually happen, didn’t we? (Well, in case of faith in me and my stuff, that is) ;-)
So… without further comment, here it is:
666 wesbound fans

Welcome to my new friends and supporters, shoutout to the previous ones! Whoohoo!

P.S. Notice something else that was funny about the number…? ;) (Hint – it’s all in the comments… ;))

Waiting for the Changing of Years. I’m still here, I’m still here!

Wings, hand-cut and seasoned fries, a little bubbly and now – Diana Krall on the stereo and a big, fat cigar on the porch while looking into the star-spangled, freezing sky and listening to fireworks ringing from afar, the whole scene set against a bright, moonlit sky with veils of clouds drifting by. The shorthand of it? Magic. Pure magic. Next year will be different. I’m done analyzing, I’ll find my way back amongst the living. Pinkie swear. Happy New Year, my friends! :)311220121004