Thoughts of death prompted Joe Sample to bring his decades-dormant band, the Jazz Crusaders, back to life. – Houston Chronicle

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Joe Sample” by Tom Beetz @ Sample. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Amongst other sources, I found this today upon hearing the sad news that piano titan Joe Sample, co-founder of the Jazz Crusaders, has passed on. R.I.P, Mr. Sample!
Thoughts of death prompted Joe Sample to bring his decades-dormant band, the Jazz Crusaders, back to life. – Houston Chronicle.

Gene Simmons: Rock Is Finally Dead – Esquire

Gene Simmons: ‘Rock Is Finally Dead’ – Esquire. (found on Katherine Gilraine’s Facebook wall)

Hm. Some far stretches there. Patriotism fuelled the music industry then? Huh?! And technology killed ambition? I tend to be all doom-and-gloom myself. But on the other hand: There is bands – or rather: projects – like Snarky Puppy, there is Dirty Loops, there is this young kid from Britain – what’s his face… Jacob Callier or something like that? – and the list goes on. Are they iconic stars filling stadiums and festival areas? You tell me, as I’ve been living under a rock for the past 8 years and can only say from what I see in my immediate vicinity and on the new media. But from those bands and talent that I’ve mentioned, I’d like to derive some optimism: As long as someone has the PASSION to express themselves like this and is willing to SACRIFICE the incredible amount of hours of – at first unrewarding – practice it takes to get there, as long as young artists like that follow their heart and joy – someone some day will be able to make them some money from it. Or so I’m forcing MYSELF to believe.

Finally! Domain Registration!

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The Distortion of Sound [Full Film] – YouTube

The Distortion of Sound [Full Film] – YouTube.

As long as there are people and artists being concerned about this, there is hope:

I miss liner notes and sitting in a room with a couple of friends appreciating the same music terribly, too!

P.S. Find the entire interview with Quincy Jones here.